About Us

PhotoVision is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of the professional photography industry by advocating techniques, philosophies, processes and procedures that will present our industry in a positive light to the public.

To produce the finest, most concise and visually entertaining educational resource through our video productions and to inspire our audiences to excel as professional photographers.

To only feature speakers who are, first and foremost, real, currently working, successful professional photographers.

To present concepts that place the clients’ needs first and stress the value and importance of our images in preserving their families’ histories.

What's PhotoVision Exactly?

There are plenty of photography tutorial programs out there, but PhotoVision is the very best! PhotoVision is the brainchild of Ed Pierce, M.Photog.Cr., CPP. For the past 17 years, Ed and the team have traveled the country to create cinematic HD videos featuring real, working photographers, on their own turf—and they’re some of the biggest names in the industry to boot.

The result is top-notch photographic education delivered in a relaxed format filled with photography tips, inspiration, business advice and cutting edge technique. Whenever you feel like you’re in a rut, PhotoVision can help you dig out and Be More Inspired:

  • 800+ episodes and 16 years of archives
  • Photography technique, best practices and inspiration from the best photographers
  • Online streaming, DVD sets, downloadable add-ons for 24/7 access

PhotoVision became a part of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) in 2014. New videos are released bi-monthly and are available online through monthly or annual subscriptions. DVDs are available for purchase.

Since PhotoVision is now part of PPA, one of the derived benefits for PPA photographers is that they can access ALL of PhotoVision’s online streaming at no cost and they get a whopping 50% off all DVDs!