Pinterest: A Creative Tool for Photographers

Pinterest: A Creative Tool for Photographers

Posted on Monday, April 9th by Abby in Business, Business

There are many beneficial tools out there for photographers to utilize when it comes to their photography business. A rather recent favorite, Pinterest, has made planning and finding inspiration more accessible for artists alike. Photographers can use Pinterest to prepare and educate clients, find inspiration, showcase their work and build their audience. This can be done by creating digital boards on Pinterest.

Preparing and Educating Clients:

By using Pinterest, Photographers can create an entire board for each individual shoot. This will allow them to share any ideas for setting, mood, themes, fashion, and much more with the client ahead of time so they can get a feel for what to expect coming in the day of. Clients can also pin images they like to the board so the photographer knows what they are looking for out of the shoot.

Finding Inspiration:

Pinterest makes it easy to find inspiration on pretty much anything by creating mood boards.

A mood board is a collage or arrangement of images, materials, text, or samples intended to project a particular style or concept. Photographers can create mood boards to find inspiration on posing, color palettes, fashion and attire for the subject to wear during the shoot, props, lighting set-ups, locations, and much more. Personal projects are an excellent way for photographers to find inspiratoion and practice something new or grow in an area they’ve been interested in pursuing.

Also, remember, Pinterest should not be used for copying the photos you’ve found or saved to your mood board. This tool should only be used to find inspiration and communicate to models or subjects what you’d like to achieve and what they can expect coming in.

Building Your Audience

Pinterest has over 150 million users with the majority of them being women. According to photographer educator Sue Bryce, that’s the bulk of photographer’s clientele! Photographers can create a board showcasing their work to new and existing clients and link the images directly to their website. It’s simple to create multiple boards for those that shoot different types of photography.

Don't Forget!

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