Frequently Asked Questions

Streaming Questions:

When I subscribe, how long does it take before I can begin my streaming photography courses?

You can begin streaming photography courses immediately as soon as you complete the check out process for your subscription.

Do I need to be logged in to stream photography courses?

Yes, you must be logged in in order to access the full streaming photography courses. Our website is designed to recognize returning customers, provided you do not block or remove cookies from your browser, logging in can be a one-time process.

How do I stream photography courses once I am logged in?

From our streaming page, navigate to the photography course thumbnail and click on the play button.

What devices are supported by PhotoVision streaming?

Both Mac and PC computers are fully supported as well as Apple IOS and Android mobile devices. We also support AppleTV for home theater systems when utilizing an Apple computer or mobile device as the streaming source with mirroring capability.

Microsoft Silverlight….When I click on the computer streaming option, I am being asked to install Microsoft SilverLight. What is it and why do I need it?

Microsoft Silverlight is the same streaming technology used by Netflix. It allows for streaming quality based on the speed of your Internet connection, with a good connection allows for full HD. The Silverlight prompt is a simple plug-in to your browser which is almost instantaneous. In most cases, you can begin streaming immediately, however with a few browser/operating system combinations you may need to close and restart your browser. You will only need to install Silverlight once.

Can I save videos to my hard drive?

Yes! We do allow our annual streaming subscribers to download full episode mobile mp4 files which are compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices and can also be played on most Mac and PC computer.  Videos will be active for 30 days after download.

How often are new streaming photography courses published?

We are committed to our streaming subscribers to publish a minimum of five new photography courses a month and make every attempt to publish at least one new episode per week.

What are the system requirements?

Our streaming VOD works on all major operating systems including Windows and MAC with the following browsers: Firefox, Google, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10. If you do not have one of these, based on our performance testing, we recommend Google Chrome, You will also need to have installed Microsoft Silverlight which is a free web-browser plug-in. When you try to stream any of our videos, if the plug-in is not installed, you will receive a prompt to install it.

What kind of Internet connection speed is required?

Our streaming content should work with just about any broadband service, however, we recommend a minimum download speed of 2MB/sec.

How can I test my Internet connection speed?

You can test your download bandwidth by going to

I’m having problems streaming

In almost all instances, difficulty streaming can be traced to your local network or internet provider reducing bandwidth. This can happen during high traffic times. The computer option will not buffer, however, both the mobile and AppleTV options will buffer and can be played on most computer systems. They can be paused for several minutes and allowed additional buffering. The mobile files will buffer more quickly since they are smaller files.

DVD Questions:

On what devices can I play the PhotoVisions DVDs?

Our DVDs will play on home theater systems with either standard DVD or Blu-ray player components. They will also play on any Mac or PC computer equipped with a physical DVD player and DVD player software. All of our DVDs also contain drag and drop mobile mp4 files which can be played on Apple and Android mobile devices as well as independently played on Mac and PC computers.

Can I save videos from my DVD to my hard drive?

Yes! All of our DVDs also contain drag and drop mobile mp4 files which can be played on Apple and Android mobile devices as well as independently played on Mac and PC computers.

I subscribed to the current year of PhotoVision DVDs, when will my issues be shipped?

An annual subscription to PhotoVision consists of 6, three-hour issues released bimonthly throughout the calendar year. Annual DVDs are mailed via USPS every other month at the end of February, April, June, August, October and December. If you subscribe during the year, when there have already been previously published back issues, those issues will be mailed immediately and then you will receive the other issues on the regular mailing schedule.

How are PhotoVision DVDs shipped?

All PhotoVision DVDs are mailed bimonthly via first class USPS and can be delivered to PO boxes and APO addresses. Although we pay for first class postage, some postal branches treat our issues as bulk mail and, while normal delivery should be in 7 days, delivery can take up to 30 days.

My DVD will not play.

It is extremely rare that a DVD is truly defective. In most instances, problems experienced on a MAC or PC are due to the software being improperly configured. Please check the DVD by testing it in a home-style DVD or Blu-Ray player. If your DVD is defective, you can request a replacement by going to CONTACT US. Be sure to specify the DVD issue you are replacing.

My last bimonthly PhotoVision DVD never showed up.

Please allow at least 30 days from the mail drop date before requesting a replacement DVD. For a replacement, please go to CONTACT US. Be sure to specify which DVD issue or DVD title you need replaced.

My DVD arrived damaged.

For a replacement, please go to CONTACT US. Be sure to specify which PhotoVision issue or DVD title you need replaced.

Customer Service Questions:

How do I reach Customer Service?

Most answers to your questions can be found in this FAQ section, however if you need assistance, our preferred method of contact is by email. You can email us at or use the Contact Us form. You may also leave us a message by phone at 888-880-1441. Calls are returned between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM E.T., Monday through Friday.

How do I update my personal information?

Once you have created an account on the PhotoVision web site, you can log in and update your information at any time by going to MY ACCOUNT, MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. After making any updates scroll down and hit the green submit button to save and update your record. However, the one exception is your email address. Since your email is your login, you do not have access to change it. please contact Customer Service and they will be able to update your email for you.

How is my order shipped?

All DVDs are shipped USPS. PhotoGear is shipped via Ground UPS and must be delivered to a physical address, not a PO Box. Shipping fees are based on the destination, size and weight of your item(s) and include a small handling fee. We endeavor to ship the day following the placement of your order. However, during busy periods, it may take 2 to 3 days before your order is shipped. For expedited or alternative shipping options, please contact one of our dealers such as B&H or Adorama.

Do you ship overseas?

Only streaming products are available outside of the United States. For overseas physical product orders, please contact one of our dealers such as B&H or Adorama.