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Norfolk, VA
Hayne Photographers

Hayne Photographers

We are Scott & Adina Hayne and we have a story to tell. Since starting our business in 2008, we have seen our business explode from 4 weddings to 37 in just 12 months! Our portrait side has seen the same type of growth including being recognized as the "Senior Portrait Artist of the Year". Sometimes we look back and wonder how we got here so fast!

Scott’s style is defined by moody off-camera lighting, wide panoramics and images that WOW. Surrounding himself with the right equipment and trusting his eye is key to their success. “There is no better feeling than knowing that what I captured came from my heart and my eye and that I can duplicate it .... because it's me.” Adina keeps the wheels turning for the business. Her keen awareness of the latest trends in social networking has enabled their images to be published in many feature articles and has grown their client base by leaps and bounds in an amazingly short amount of time

In a changing economy, Scott and Adina have found that people are hungry for a success story. They conduct workshops that inspire and motivate other photographers to think in new ways. They put into concrete terms the lessons they learned and strategies that worked (and didn't) and explain the many factors that have contributed to their amazing ride.

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